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BEAD Challenge Process

What is the Challenge Process?

The BEAD Program requires the State to create a “Challenge Process” through which a tribal or local unit of government, nonprofit organization, or internet service provider (ISP) may challenge whether the internet availability at a particular location or community anchor institution is unserved or underserved.

An unserved location is defined as having access to service that is only 25/3 Mbps or lower.  An underserved location is defined as having access to service that is less than 100/20 Mbps, but higher than 25/3 Mbps.

Idaho BEAD Broadband Map

Challenges will be submitted based on the Idaho BEAD Broadband Map.

In accordance with NTIA’s BEAD Challenge Process design requirements, the IOB is using this Broadband Map for publishing the dataset of locations eligible for BEAD funding in the State of Idaho.

How do I Submit a Challenge?

There are only 4 eligible entities that can submit challenges regarding internet availability: Local governments, Internet Service Providers, Tribal Governments, and non-profit organizations.

If you’d like to submit a challenge please reference the steps listed in our user guide. You can find the user guide using the button below.

IOB Challenge Process Timeline

*All times in Mountain

*All times in Mountain

*All times in Mountain

Challenge Process Resources

Our team has created the following resources, see below, to help you navigate this process.